Here is the Floor Plan of Kon Len Khnhom:


Space Area (1) 2   Space Area (1)

For more information please check the details below:

Ground Floor

Legend 1, Outside
Space Area: 30 sq meters
Capacity: 10  persons
Recommended Uses: Meeting /Co-working space
Legend 2, Inside
Space Area: 28 sq meters
Capacity: 40  persons
Recommended Uses: Meeting / workshop /Artist Talk
Legend 3, Aromatic
Space Area: 12 sq meters
Capacity: 4  persons
Recommended Uses: Meetings/Co-working space

First Floor  

Legend 4, The Light
Space Area: 21 sq meters
Capacity: 5  persons
Recommended Uses: Residency
Legend 5, The Life
Space Area: 19 sq meters
Capacity: 2  persons
Recommended Uses: Residency